A Little About Us 

The Scheidel Foundation invests in two primary fields of interest:  organizations that promote college readiness and completion, and organizations that advance the practice of integrative medicine. Grants are awarded primarily in Jacksonville/St. Augustine (Duval and St. Johns Counties), Florida; Sarasota, Florida; and the Washington, DC, metro area (including Arlington and Alexandria, VA).


The hallmark of the Scheidel Foundation is its personal touch, emanating from the passionate involvement of family members supported by staff who work very closely with the family. The Scheidel family and Foundation staff feel blessed to be enriched by the lives they touch through the work of the Foundation.

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highlighted programs 

Scheidel Scholars Pay it Forward

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“Paying it Forward” is the enduring motto of the Scheidel Scholars, the majority of whom attend the University of North Florida or Florida State College at Jacksonville. Turning their motto int ..

Scheidel Court & Way

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Two streets, Scheidel Court and Scheidel Way, have been named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Scheidel in recognition of their long-time support, both financial and personal, of two Habita ..

Herbert W. Scheidel Community Leadership in Action Award

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Inspired by Mr. Scheidel's passion for volunteerism and his strong belief in promoting community involvement, the Scheidel Foundation initiated the Community Leadership in Action Award, given annua ..

Cancer Support Community

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Following a number of years of supporting the Cancer Support Community (CSC) Florida-Suncoast, based in Sarasota, Florida, the Scheidel Foundation has announced a matching funds cha ..

Beaches Habitat & Habitat St. Johns Prep Club

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In conjunction with the Scheidel Scholarship available to residents of Habitat, the Prep Club Program, initiated in 2000 (Beaches) and 2002 (Habitat St. Johns), by Mr. and Mrs. Sche ..